I just got out of a relationship per say, not really a relationship. We liked each other but we ever had a label, we acted like a couple without a label. Isn’t it funny how that happens now a days. You’re with someone, but no one wants a label. Anyways, it was good. I was really starting to fall for this guy, who was also a year younger than me. I have trust issues, commitment issues, and I have trouble being loyal. But with this person everything just disappeared. My world just felt at balance. I didn’t have issues at all. It was all so perfect. But then everything slowly came to an end, you know that saying, ”it’s too good to be true”. Well it is too good to be true, I knew slowly but surely things would end and it did. Fighting became more constant, lying became more noticeable.. I knew it was time for me to end it before we regret it. Now it’s been a week, I’m sitting here fucking heart broken and missing the only person that’s ever made me smile in a year since my last break up. Its hard. But moral of the story never give someone your all, because when they’re gone your left with nothing.

20.Oct.13 6 months ago